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GNB Industrial Power, a division of Exide Technologies, is a global leader in motive power battery and charger systems for electric lift trucks and other material handling equipment. With a strong manufacturing base in both North America and Europe and a truly global reach (operations in more than 80 countries) in sales and service, GNB Industrial Power is best positioned to satisfy your power needs locally as well as all over the world.Based on over 100 years of technological innovation, the Motive Power group leads the industry with the most recognized global brands, such as GNB® FLOODED CLASSIC®, TUBULAR-HP®, ELEMENT®, LIBERATOR®, GNB® FUSION™, ELEMENT® GEL, and SONNENSCHEIN®. They have come to symbolize quality, reliability, performance and excellence in all the markets served.GNB Industrial Power takes pride in its commitment to a better environment. Its Total Battery Management program, an integrated approach to manufacturing, distributing and recycling of lead acid batteries, has been developed to help ensure a safe and responsible life cycle for all of its products.


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