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Virtual fitting rooms, augmented reality applications, product information displayed via iPads – there is no doubt that the traditional high-street retail experience is ray ban rb8301 polarized brown changing and the trend for in-store technology is growing. An encouraging piece of news is that there are many excellent deals available when it concerns discount ray ban aviator interchangeable lens Ray Ban sunglasses; the summer months are an ideal time to hunt for discount Ray Ban sunglasses because demand is high and so, sellers are willing to offer attractive buying options in order to maximize sales and earn greater profits.

Ray Ban does offer a limited warranty against breakage on all their sunglasses, for more information check out their official website at and click on the services” link in replacement lenses for ray ban aviators the lower right hand corner.

This commercial, co-starring Jerry Seinfeld, is a 90-second talk between strangers as Seinfeld walks up on a discount shoe store (Shoe Circus) in a mall and notices Gates buying shoes inside. Gates began to realize the expectations others had of him when public opinion mounted that he could give more of his wealth to charity
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